Meet Greg

"Being a part of the growth at CDG has been remarkable to see. Our passion, hard work and a team that's like family has paved the way for wonderful projects and an amazing culture."

Greg is the Principal and Founder of CDG Builders. His career in construction began by obtaining a degree in Construction Engineering and Management from North Carolina State University. But completing a university degree just checks a box – Greg is convinced that blood, sweat, tears and drive are what really matter in the construction field.

After completing his degree, Greg worked for Fluor, a worldwide power industry construction leader. Over the first fifteen years of his career in the construction field, Greg has worked for such companies as Rudolph & Sletten and the Pacific Construction Group. He started CDG Builders in 2008 with the goal of delivering a quality product that engrains a memorable relationship with clients. Greg is glad to work with anyone that values professionalism, quality projects and long-term relationships.

In his role as Principal for CDG Builders, Greg is committed to giving others the opportunity to grow and reach their desired goals. In the past eight years with the company, Greg has shown a keen eye and attention to detail with all of the company’s historic projects.

Greg lives in California with his gorgeous wife and two beautiful daughters. More than anything, he is passionate about spending time with family and serving God in his work.

Meet Chris

"The people at CDG are amazing.  Our employees make the difference between us and our competitors."

Chris is one of the two Principals at CDG Builders. He started full-time with CDG Builders in 2010 with over twenty years of construction experience under his belt.

For Chris, construction has always been a family affair. He started working in the construction industry alongside his uncle for Radco. Early in his career, Chris had the opportunity to manage a small concrete construction company. This gave him the chance to learn the ins and outs of the construction industry hands on, from accounting to scheduling. This is the experience that he brings to CDG Builders.

Chris worked for Rudolph and Sletten for nine years, first as a Field Supervisor and later as a Project Engineer and Project Manager. This experience makes him a strong force in project management for CDG Builders.

More than anything, Chris is committed to maintaining the family spirit around CDG Builders. He is keen to engage in authentic leadership that fosters a culture of trust, values and open communication.

Chris is passionate about building a company known for its commitment to employees, long-lasting relationships, and quality projects. He has worked in the construction industry since he was thirteen years old. Construction is in his DNA, and he looks forward to every new challenge and opportunity.

Meet The CDG Family

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At CDG, everyone matters. We embody the philosophy that every single employee, partner, client and project matters equally. When you join the CDG team, you can expect to continue developing your skills, advance your career and reach your full potential by contributing to the most challenging and rewarding projects in our region.

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